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WEast organized two sessions at the ESSHC 2014 in Vienna.

Session E9: New Perspectives on the Economic History of Central and South-Eastern Europe in the Late 19th and 20 Centuries
Chair: Alex Klein

Session G10: Rent Seeking Institutions and the Little Divergence: The Economic Impact of Serfdom and Guilds in Pre-industrial Europe
Chair: Jan Luiten van Zanden

Alexander Klein, Sheilagh OgilvieAbusive, Supportive, or Both? Landlords and Serfs’ Non-Agricultural Activities under the ‘Second Serfdom’
Mikolaj Malinowski: Serfs and the city: Urban Growth, Surplus Exctraction Institutions and Market Conditions.
Miguel PemanThe Rise of the Craft Guild System. Evidence from Italy, Belgian and Dutch Cities (1200-1800).
Igor ZurimendiAbolition of Serfdom and the Growth of Cities in Eastern Europe

We have received financial support for our mission from the European Historical Economics Society


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