Conference on the Quantitative Economic History of Eastern Europe
in the Twentieth Century

Groningen, November 17-18, 2011

Tomas Cvrcek: Convergence and Catch-up at the Periphery? Living Standards in the
Habsburg Empire, 1829-1910

Max Schulze: Geography, Convergence and Divergence: Regional Growth in the
Habsburg Empire

Igor Zurimendi: Serfs and the City: The End of Serfdom and the Growth of Cities in
Eastern Europe

Tatiana Mikhailova: Gulag, WWII and the Long-Run Patterns of Soviet City Growth

Mária Hídvégi and Nikolaus Wolf: Power Failure: the Electrification of East Central Europe
in the Interwar Period

Andrei Markevich and Paul Dower: Do Property Rights Matter in Russia? The Stolypin form
and Agricultural Productivity

Matthias Morys and Martin Ivanov: Business Cycles in South-East Europe 1870-2000: A
Bayesian Dynamic Factor Model

Bas Van Leeuwen, Péter Földvári and Dmitry Didenko: Socialism, growth and theory: the
case of the USSR and Central Europe ca. 1920-2000

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