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WEast organizes a session at the ESSHC 2016 in Valencia.

WEast: Political and monetary crises and their impact on historical economic development of Eastern Europe

Session Organizer: Mikołaj Malinowski 

Chair: Tamas Vonyo


Mikołaj Malinowski,  Freedom and decline: Polish state formation and rye market disintegration, 1500-1772

Piotr Koryś, Cecylia Leszczyńska, Maciej Tymiński, Economic development in partitioned country. Mapping GDP of Polish lands in late 19th century (1870-1910)

Matthias Morys, The gold standard in South-East Europe between European aspirations and economic reality, 1870-1939

Stefan Nikolic, 1931 Spells Financial Crisis: Was the Central European Financial; Crisis contagious for South East Europe?

We have received financial support for our mission from the European Historical Economics Society


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